Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Review: Aliens vs Predator 2

Aliens vs Predators 2 (NC-16), 2007, US, Director: Greg Strause, Colin Strause, Cast: John Ortiz, Steven Pasquale, Johnny Lewis
I admit while I didn't like most of Aliens vs Predators, I did like the final tussle between the two set in a whaling station at the end of the first movie. Not that it made it a great movie, but at least it gave the movie some atmosphere. So now Warner Brothers has given us a rematch between the two space-faring monsters, but this time there's only one dreadlocked Predator facing off against a bunch of chitin-armored Aliens, as well as the inevitable Predator-Alien hybrid. Caught in the middle, like the first movie, are some humans. It's all filmed in low light and much of the violence happens off-camera, and gorehounds would probably find the proceedings rather tame. It's all quite confusing and the greatest tragedy is how the original franchises have been so diluted. Mixing them together has just resulted in diluting, and this is yet another uninspired sequel made to pull in fans of the originals, who would be wise to avoid this muddled, confused mess.
Rating: C-

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