Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Singapore box office for 2007

According to ST, the top ten films of 2007 were:
1. Spider-Man 3
2. Transformers
3. Harry Potter And the Order of the Phoenix
4. Pirates of the Caribbean 3
5. Ratatouille
6. Mr Bean's Holiday
7. Fantastic Four 2
8. Rush Hour 3
9. Shrek 3
10. 881

Considering the number of sequels in the list (7 including Mr Bean's Holiday), it shows why followups are popular amongst the Singaporean audience. Kudos to 881 for making the top 10. One suspects that sequels will continue to dominate the list, with the new Harry Potter and Indiana Jones sequels on their way.

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Anonymous said...

due to a tired-out schedule, i only mananged 3 out of the 10 ... i saw: a food, a tiny clever animal and a motley crew of friends. one resolution i made for 2008: watch more movies!! =)